Cornelia Boateng, Founder of Creating New Beginnings. Prior to founding this charity and establishing an autistic school for disadvantaged children with autism and special needs in Accra worked for Central and North West London Mental Health Foundation Trust, CNWL. Cornelia held different roles within CNWL over 11 years. Service Administration Management, Equalities and Diversity Lead, Deputy Trust Secretary and Business/Project Officer within their Rehabilitation Services. Cornelia holds an MA in Management Studies; BA (Business Studies), Post-graduate Diploma and is a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute, UK. As a carer, Cornelia has personal experience of the potentials that children with special educational needs have and is an avid advocate of unearthing the potential in these very special children. She previously served on the Governing Board of Manor Special Needs School for 7 years. Cornelia is a member of the Catholic Knights of Marshall and very involved in her church activities. An avid reader and good cook

Cornelia is a mother of three. Cornelia is the Country Director and Managing Trustee of CNB NGO Ghana and Woodfield Manor Autism & Special Needs School, the school Creating New Beginnings UK has established for disadvantaged children in Accra. In Accra, Ghana she is on the Technical Working Group that is working in partnership with UNICEF and Ghana Education Service to draw up an Inclusive Education Policy for the education sector I n Ghana. Her role in Ghana also included creating awareness, sensitising and outreach work with churches, societies, clubs, schools and organisations as well as radio and television work about the potential of children with autism and special needs and how important it is for these wonderful children to be nurtured and educated to be able to contribute to society. This is in a bid to remove the stigma, pain and suffering of these amazingly wonderful children.

Creating New Beginnings is a charity sponsoring the education of disadvantaged children with learning difficulties and autism. We fundraise to attract grants and donations to sustain and develop our special needs education services in Ghana.


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